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Corporate responsibility


Corporate Responsibility of Jinda Nano Tech

As a leader in the nano-antibacterial industry, our mission is to create a green, healthy and environmentally friendly life for the people. Our four core products: antibacterial powder, antibacterial solution, antibacterial masterbatch, antibacterial yarn. It has been widely used in textile, shoe materials, building materials, medical, health, national defense, health care, environment, agriculture, cosmetics and other fields. It is favored, praised and trusted by customers. It is also sold well in Europe, America, Middle East, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc. Domestic and foreign markets.Therefore, we have a particularly important responsibility for our employees, society and the environment.

※ Our responsible management

We take integrity, innovation, multi-win, sustainable business philosophy, compliance management, healthy development.We always aim to become an honest enterprise, and the law-abiding and compliant operation is the most basic moral bottom line. Through strong cooperation, we will create high-quality products and inject scientific and technological strength into the transformation of scientific research achievements and technology applications. To provide partners with the most professional and authoritative nanotechnology application solutions, nano materials and professional, personalized services, to create a "win-win cooperation, build integrity" environment.

 Green is our business target

Making life healthier and better” is the sacred mission of Jinda people. With the implementation of the Healthy China 2030 Strategy, some of its corporate responsibilities occupy an extremely important position in our product business strategy. We provide sustainable green development solutions for industrial enterprises, improve the utilization rate and durability of end products, and increase the social and environmental value of the end products, which drive us towards the goal of a green future, inspirational to become a benchmark in the development of healthy China.

※ We are people-oriented and create opportunities

Focusing on the "people-oriented" philosophy, we continuously optimize the career development path and provide targeted vocational training so that each employee can fully utilize his or her talents, stand taller, look farther and fly higher.

※ We actively practice social responsibility

Since the establishment of the company, we have been giving back to the society with gratitude, actively undertaking corporate social responsibility, practicing public welfare undertakings, and doing our part to promote the construction of a harmonious society.
In 2017, we held a series of activities such as “Care for Warm Children” and “Let Love Go Home”, so that children and the elderly can enjoy the warm care brought by the business units and feel the beauty of life. Contributing to the society through corporate activities has become the unshakable corporate culture of Jinda Nano Tech. We are using action to set up a bridge between enterprises and people.
Jinda Nano Tech shoulders responsibility, carries dreams, builds a harmonious green ecosphere, and opens a better tomorrow of healthy life for human beings.