Post name:

Technical Service Engineer

Salary: 4000-8000



Years of working:

1-3 years

Working place:

Xiamen- -

Recruiting number:


Education background:

Regular college

Affiliate department:

Technical department

Post duties

1. Responsible for the technical service support of the company's sales products, and have the ability to write technical solutions independently.

2, strictly implement after-sales service process, standardize operation, and maintain cooperation with sales and technical team.

3, develop and maintain good customer relationship, responsible for implementing customer after-sales service;

4. It belongs to the product application and promotion department. It should cooperate with the marketing department in business negotiations and visit customers according to needs.

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the company or department.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical or material science.

2. One year working experience is preferred.

3. Good sense of service and conscientious and responsible work.

4. Strong judgement and handling ability, strong hands-on ability;

5, responsible, dedicated and open up business market creativity.