Post name:

Taobao operations customer service

Salary: 3000-4500



Years of working:

1-3 years

Working place:

Xiamen- -

Recruiting number:

2018/08/26 22:49

Education background:

Senior high school

Affiliate department:

Sales Department

1. Quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries through online trading platform and online chat tools to resolve customer concerns.

2, check orders, customer information, to ensure accurate data.

3, customer order generation, delivery, logistics status follow up.

4, collect customer information and user comments, and provide suggestions for company image enhancement.

5. Development Direction: Customer service, as a reserve talent for other positions in e-commerce, can be developed to the post of customer service team leader, operation assistant, promotion, etc.

Job requirements:

1. Relevant working experience is preferred.

2, familiar with office software and network tools, typing speed of 50 words / minute.

3, clear headed, quick thinking, understand consumer psychology, strong language expression.

4. Good ability to resist stress and emotional management, cheerful personality, good sense of sales and service, patience and meticulous work.

5, working hours 8:30-17:30.