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    • Commodity name: Transparent inorganic silver antibacterial PP Masterbatch JDSKM-PP2
    • Commodity ID: 1201843854470959104

    Product description

    Antibacterial PP masterbatch JDSKM-PP2 is a special antimicrobial masterbatch for PP materials. It uses inorganic silver antimicrobial powder as active antimicrobial component, high-quality PP raw material as carrier, dispersing technology and manufacturing technology to produce high-efficiency special antimicrobial masterbatch.


    Product characteristics

    1. Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity
    2. It has good thermal stability, high temperature resistance, durability and UV resistance. It is not easy to discolor the products when added into the products.
    3. Good compatibility and dispersion do not change the original processing technology of plastics.


    Product index



    Smooth surface, uniform size, no color difference, no obvious impurities


    White or light yellow

    Melt index

    (26-36)g /10min

    Moisture content



    Also customized according to the customer's brand


    Application range

    1. All kinds of PP plastic products and films with antimicrobial function;

    2. High impact resistance electronic appliances, packaging containers, household appliances;

    3. PP products with high transparency requirements;



    1. It is suggested that the dosage of antimicrobial PP masterbatch should be 4%-6%, and the dosage can also be adjusted according to its own needs.

    2. Processing conditions can refer to the processing conditions of PP plastics.


    Packaging and Storage

    1. Two-layer packing, 25kg/bag.

    2. Keep away from light, avoid strong light; Keep at room temperature, avoid high temperature; Waterproof and moistureproof.


Key words: antibacterial antibacterial yarn


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