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Inorganic composite antimicrobial agents have broad-spectrum sterilization, non-toxic safety functions and functions, through the interaction of antimicrobial metal ions and reactive oxygen species to achieve slow-release sterilization and disinfection, can be used to manufacture various antimicrobial coatings, plastics, ceramics and fibers.
Our company produces inorganic antimicrobial powder, such as zeolite-loaded silver antimicrobial powder, zirconium phosphate-loaded silver antimicrobial powder, silicate-loaded silver antimicrobial powder, nano-zinc oxide, nano-titanium dioxide and silver-loaded antimicrobial powder.

Anti-methoxyphenylpenicillin yellow grape fungi, with antibacterial and bactericidal functions, can prevent 

infection and infection, used in hospital textiles such as clothes, sheets, covers, curtains, pantyhose, socks and bandages, etc.

Plastic parts, products and antimicrobial fibers with antimicrobial activity (sterilization and antimicrobial activity) on the surface can be prepared.

Sterilization broad-spectrum; fast action; stable nature; soluble in water; room temperature use; long-term bacteriostasis; safety; moderate price; convenient transportation.


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